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With CLICS app you can monetize your digital photos on Instagram feed
Innovative licensing system
CLICS RGB QR watermark is your personal digital signature in Web 3.0 reality
We made a technology that eases the monetization of your creativity.
Share on the feed
Use your social networks to share your content with CLICS-QR. Use tags #clicsstorephoto #clicshighlights
Original images are protected and are available after payment only.
CLICS. Highlights
Meet the authors who monetize with CLICS.
CLICS is a free app
We take a 20% commission from the actual sale.
Content creators keep the remaining 80% from each sale.
Registration is payment- and subscription- free
Expand your ability to monetize your account and engage with your audience.


What is CLICS app?
CLICS app allows you to license and sell your photos on Instagram feed.
Quick, safe, and high-quality. All perks.

Is it free?
CLICS app is your free & easy tool.
You keep 80% from the sale, our commission is 20%.
How to start selling photos?
Step 1 – LICENSE
Upload your original image and enter a price in USD (min. price is $0.99). Choose
Publish it on CLICS app and get a preview with GRB CLICS-OR to your lot.

Step 2 – SHARE
Tell your fans about the new photo – share the preview on feed. Tag brands, ask your fellows to share your piece of art, create buzz! The world deserves to know you.
Tag @clics.highlights and use #clicshighlights hashtag to get more visibility.

Step 3 – SELL
You can sell each image exclusively (once) or infinite times.

What images can I sell with CLICS?
You can sell photos, illustrations, sketches, artworks, and other creative content you have content rights for. If you are uploading photos of people, make sure you have a model

It's up to you to decide which images to sell. We do not confine the type of content you are uploading, and we don't require model releases. The author is responsible for the violation of laws or license agreements.

Make sure that your profile is open so that your photos are easily searchable on Instagram.

What are the technical requirements for images?
The minimum parameters are:
● resolution 1500 * 1500px
● maximum size - 25 MB
● JPEG format

What am I actually selling?
You are selling the rights to use your photos (a royalty-free license).
Your clients choose the type of license before purchasing.

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How can I get support ?
Please contact us using the website pop-up chat or send an email to

How do I set the price of my photos?
You can set any price for the content you are selling. When you upload your image, we set price recommendations, which you can change as desired.

How do I know if someone buys my photos?
We provide statistics on sales inside your account. Additionally, you will receive email notifications when your work is purchased.

Are there any service fees?
The commission is 20% of the total sale price.

How do I withdraw money?
The minimal balance for withdrawal - $50.
You can then transfer money to your wallet.
Available payment services: Stripe and Paypal.

Will you help me promote my photos?
CLICS is a personal tool for each author. Work with the audience (followers, fans, customers) through Instagram is done by the author.

Tag CLICS ( and use #clicsstore hashtag to get more visibility.

We will be sharing cool images in our Instagram stories with a link to your photo.

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